We are Zenskar

Zenskar brings flexible, automated billing and revenue management for ambitious companies with subscriptions, usage-based, and hybrid pricing models. It handles billing complexity, so you can focus on innovation and growth.

Built by finance experts, for finance teams.

Apurv Bansal,

Cofounder, CEO & CFO

Second-time entrepreneur. Harvard, IIT Delhi alumni. Cofounder at Wishpicker (acquired by Snapdeal), Product at Google, FinTech at Elevation.

Saurabh Agarwal,

Cofounder & CPTO

Second-time entrepreneur. IIT Bombay alumni. Cofounder at BC Jukebox (acquired by Gaana), Product at Basepair, Quant at Deutsche Bank.

Our mission

Our mission is to liberate businesses from billing burdens with customizable, automated systems, so they can focus resources on building great products, delivering more value to customers, and growing their revenue.


Over two decades of combined finance and accounting expertise shape our billing tool – designed from the ground up to meet modern finance teams' needs.

Automation first

We automate repetitive grunt work so you can focus on high-impact financial strategy and planning.

Customer obsessed

We put customers at the heart of everything we do. We strive to deeply understand customer needs and create products that solve real-world problems.

Our Story

The Beginning

Apurv and Saurabh have known each other for over a decade. As second-time founders with deep experience in accounting, finance, and billing, they knew first-hand the challenges of complex billing operations. Existing solutions did not meet expectations for modern billing needs.

Most available tools were outdated and unable to handle complex pricing models. Apurv experienced these complexities during his time at Google. Saurabh had built an in-house billing solution at his previous organization to fill this gap.

But these in-house solutions seemed kludgy and temporary. There had to be a better way.

Why Zenskar?

After talking to over 500 finance leaders and stakeholders, from pre-revenue startups to companies as large as AWS, one bottleneck kept coming up.

Companies were stranded, unable to handle billing complexity at scale. The choice was to manage billing manually and impede growth or waste thousands of precious engineering bandwidth, building homegrown tools that create no real customer value.

They realized that with the rise in usage-based pricing models, billing was a more pressing need for the market – without any effective solutions.

Apurv and Saurabh started Zenskar to fill the gap and build a flexible billing engine designed specifically to meet the intricacies of complex billing.

They spent 6 months iterating and innovating on system design and architecture, and came up with the most flexible billing system in the market.

Making it happen

Backed by world-class investors like Bessemer, they built Zenskar to power revenue growth for modern businesses. It's a future where companies can effortlessly scale without being burdened by billing complexity.

Today, high-growth SaaS companies trust Zenskar as the intelligent billing solution that turns billing from a liability into a product and sales-led growth engine.

Trusted by industry experts

Fast-growing companies choose Zenskar for smooth, flexible and reliable billing to power their growth.
Before Zenskar, our usage tracking and invoicing were manual. Zenskar automated the process, giving real-time visibility into consumption, and enabled us to invoice automatically based on usage.
Ming Lui
VP Finance
We needed indefinite contracts for our long term offering. You only realize how restrictive billing tools can be when your requirements get specific. Fortunately, we found Zenskar to tailor fit to our billing needs and more.
Cory Linton
We never imagined that our AR process could go from fully manual to completely automated with a single platform. We're saving 200+ hours every quarter by removing the grunt work with Zenskar.
Noy Kalansky
Finance Controller
Usage based billing was turning into a nightmare for us. We had to devote engineering resources to billing for months, lacking better options. But with Zenskar, we can focus on serving our customers and expanding our product capabilities.
Shalini Aggarwal
VP Engineering
If not for Zenskar, we would have build an in-house system for our usage-based model, delayed the launch by at least 4 months and we would still be force-fitting our use case on clunky old tools.
Kshitij Gupta