Zenskar for Engineering Teams

Unshackle your engineers from billing

Stop redirecting your engineering bandwidth to solve billing issues. Build your product faster and better without disruptions.

Build your product distraction-free

Reduce developer dependency
Zenskar handles billing intricacies and automates finance operations. All through a simple, no-code UI easy for non-tech users.
Set up for success and scale
From event ingestion to configuring pricing models to setting up email templates, Zenskar is fully customizable, and scalable.
Minimize tech bandwidth
Our pre-built solutions, direct integrations, and low code implementation minimize developmental efforts for billing.

Accurate and reliable event ingestion

Zenskar’s robust architecture is designed to ingest event data accurately and reliably in any way that fits your needs.
Push data via API, or let Zenskar pull data from your data source without code from 200+ direct integrations.
Adjust your data ingestion frequency via API - ingest usage data in real-time or in batches to fit your needs.
Send large volumes of data accurately with high throughput. Extend rate limits on demand.
Add usage data entries manually or upload CSVs for data outside of your metering setup.

Choose your metering commitments

The downside of owning your metering is the additional billing responsibilities closely tied to it. Zenskar lets you own any aspect of usage data without being burdened with the rest.
Create billing metrics on Zenskar from raw data or send data aggregates directly.
No-code visual aggregation allows non-tech users to build aggregates without a single line of code. You can still create SQL queries as usual.
Schedule usage reports for internal stakeholders or customers. No more recurring requests every month.

Enjoy a developer-free billing experience

Minimize or eliminate your intervention throughout the billing process - price modeling, invoice set up, or customer portal.
Configure advanced pricing plans without code through Zenskar’s graphical data model. Or choose your plan from the pricing models library and customize to fit your needs. 
Switch between pricing models at any time without developer support.
Generate accurate invoices with any nuanced logic dynamically and without code.
Set up self self-serving customer portal with minimal effort

Set up usage alerts and monitors for data insights

Configure custom usage monitors to track any data stream.
Monitor usage aggregates outside of contracts, invoice line items or entitlements.
Create alerts and notifications to stay ahead of usage trends and seasonalities.
Manage your servers and downtimes, and plan your infrastructure based on data-driven insights.

Zenskar fits your tech stack like a glove

Zenskar is built to be compatible and plays well with most tools. Connecting with your tech stack has never been easier.
50+ direct integrations with various CRMs, ERPs, sales tax and payment platforms.
Provides custom integrations on demand so you don’t have to build from scratch.
Extensive migration and implementation support to make your switching painless.

Developer friendly experience

API access
Design and deploy customizations lightning fast
Extensive documentation to support your every step
Custom requests
We support on-demand custom requests so you don’t have to