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Maxio vs Zenskar at a glance


Maxio is a subscription management platform that automates billing, collections, and reporting for both B2B and B2C businesses. SaaSOptics and Chargify came together in 2022 to combine their offerings of subscription billing and revenue management solutions.


Zenskar is a flexible, enterprise-grade solution that automates billing, collections, revenue recognition and more - for subscriptions and usage based pricing models. It improves efficiency and lowers costs by reducing manual efforts and developer intervention.

Limitations of Maxio

While Maxio offers a comprehensive suite of subscription billing and revenue management features, it is not without its limitations. From limited customization options and pricing complexity to integration challenges and scalability issues, here are some of the common limitations users face with Maxio:
  • It supports only subscriptions, not usage or hybrid pricing models
  • Maxio does not have automated debt collection. Dunning only applies to overdue payments.
  • The platform has limited reporting capabilities.
  • Its revenue recognition only applies to subscriptions. Users have also reported errors and inaccuracies.
  • The platform has a steep learning curve.
  • Maxio lacks reliable customer support.
  • Maxio's pricing starts at $599 per month, a heavy price tag for its feature set.
  • Maxio’s integrations have been prone to glitches and inconsistencies.

When to choose Zenskar over Maxio

Your company has several features, products and sites.
Your pricing model is new age subscriptions, usage based pricing or hybrid pricing models
Your product requires reliable usage data ingestion, measurement or monitoring capabilities
Your billing has specific needs or custom requirements that current tools cannot cater to
You need to reduce manual intervention in your billing process
You want to reduce developer dependency
You want to leave open room to change the way you price in the future
You want reliable reporting capabilities
You want to reduce the errors in your billing and revenue recognition processes

Why is Zenskar better for you

As a new age billing platform built to cater to modern billing needs, Zenskar is designed to overcome the limitations of its predecessors. It is highly flexible, scalable and adapts to evolving landscape and business requirements.

Implementation and migration

Maxio users have reported a long and complicated setup process.

  • Users found Maxio’s onboarding guides hard to follow and the process far from seamless.
  • The product has a steep learning curve that often leaves users confused after onboarding.
  • Importing data into Maxio is not easy. This forces users to manually upload data or build their own integrations.
  • Developers report that API documentation could be better, reducing the guesswork and ambiguity in implementation.
  • Support is not available immediately in all time zones.

Billing is difficult enough without adding unreliable platforms or support into the mix. That’s why we make it a point to help our users every step of the way to make their lives as easy as possible.

Migrating to Zenskar is seamless. Our platform connects to most of your tech stack through direct integrations. It offers API endpoints with reliable documentation.

Zenskar works as an extension of your in-house finance team.  We handhold you during implementation and offer prompt support 24x7 over email, Slack, or Zoom after going live. You’ll also have dedicated account managers to help you with your concerns.

Products, subscriptions, and contracts

Maxio’s approach to products and plans is unintuitive. In case of multi-site businesses, each site has its own catalog of products and plans.

It only supports vanilla subscriptions. It doesn’t have a built-in pricing configuration to support pricing and billing intricacies. For instance, multi-year contracts cannot be configured easily. Some users have found subscription setup complicated on Maxio. Contracts cannot be created or imported in bulk and users have to resort to manual entries.

Zenskar’s product dashboard is simple and flexible - allows you to configure products and features with different billing cadences, currencies, pricing models, discounts, and entitlements. Contracts can be created automatically through CRM integration, API connection, bulk import from spreadsheets, or manual entries.

Its graphical data model supports advanced pricing models with ease. Here are some of the pricing models Zenskar can automate for you that Maxio’s subscriptions cannot:

  • Prepaid subscriptions
  • Part prepaid, part postpaid contracts
  • Ramp deals
  • Product bundles
  • Combinations of contract and product-level discounts

Usage and metered billing difficulties

Maxio offers usage data storage within the platform. It also supports event ingestion via API or through Airbyte integration. Its usage capabilities are far from easy or intuitive though. Some of its glaring limitations come from the way it handles usage.

  • Usage data has to be time-stamped - the start and end dates often cause inconsistencies due to timezone differences or systems.
  • Prepaid billing for usage-based pricing cannot be supported.
  • Events are not tied to subscriptions automatically on Maxio. The event data itself must identify the subscription through an identifier while data ingestion to be filtered and aggregated at the end of the billing cycle.

Zenskar is built to handle pricing intricacies - it supports usage and hybrid pricing modes effortlessly through its graphical data model. Zenskar interprets and configures intricate pricing and contract terms as objects on a graph that can be linked however you need them.

Instead of a rigid template to force fit your use case, you have the building blocks that can be put together any way you like, just like legos. 

  • Pricing itself is straightforward - a user could pick from a library of pricing plans or build a pricing model from scratch through a drag-and-drop configuration.
  • Metered components can be added to the billing through the dashboard itself. These can be modified at any time too.
  • The subscription billing cycle can be configured differently from the invoicing period.

That’s just scratching the surface of Zenskar’s pricing capabilities. Any pricing model you can imagine can be configured on Zenskar.

Billing and invoicing

Since pricing intricacies cannot be fully automated, the billing functions downstream are not fully automated either. Metered billing components, conditional terms, and prepaid pricing or invoicing have to be handled manually.

As discussed above, the event setup can lead to invoicing errors or inaccuracies. Users have noted the same problem for tax computations. Invoice customizations are limited to logo addition and invoice line items.

Zenskar automates billing and invoicing end-to-end. Once the pricing and invoicing terms are configured, the invoices can be generated dynamically from the preset templates. You can customize every step of the way - from line items to tax computations, adjustments, and entitlements. Invoices are generated automatically:

  • Create branded invoice templates on Zenskar or upload HTML code.
  • Dynamically generate invoices are based on the template.
  • Automate tax computations with Avalara integration.

Collections automation and receivables management

Maxio’s collection capabilities are limited to payment failure retries. Collections and dunning outside of that has to be handled manually or outside of Maxio.

  • Invoice emails have to be created separately for each payment method.
  • Payment reminders cannot be sent before the due date.
  • Payments cannot be reconciled on Maxio’s dashboard.
Dunning limited to payment failures

Zenskar automates all your dunning sequences and email communications. You can create templates for payment reminders, receipts and invoices with all the relevant variables and auto-populate them dynamically.

You can personalize the experience further by configuring custom schedules for different customer segments.

Reliable revenue recognition

Maxio revenue recognition cannot handle beyond vanilla subscriptions owing to the limited architecture to support pricing and billing intricacies. It also lacks a fully synced accounting system. This results in including inaccuracies and manual adjustments in the revenue recognition process.

Zenskar helps you stay compliant with ASC 606 and supports creating journal entries automatically and posting them to ledgers, revenue reporting etc.

  • Custom rules can be created to tailor revenue recognition to your business model and needs.
  • Revenue recognition can be scheduled periodically, manually, or through specific events or triggers.
  • Revenue periods can be set irrespective of the contract period to give you control over your accounting periods.
  • Performance obligations can be automatically derived from contracts and products, or defined on the contracts by you.
  • Manual reconciliation can be eliminated by syncing transaction records from your payment gateway.


Maxio's reporting and analytics capabilities are known for being inadequate. It is difficult to get insights around metrics such as ARR, MRR etc. Most users rely on third-party tools like ChartMogul or set up their own reporting structures. Maxio does not support customized analytics. In cases of multiple entities of custom reporting, one has to rely on third party tools or build their own analytics module.

Integration challenges

Maxio offers a range of integrations but the connections are outdated and unreliable. Users encounter difficulties when integrating Maxio with other systems, existing integrations often face inefficiencies or require manual workarounds. For instance, Quickbooks is one of the integrations that is available but users rarely opt given its difficulties.

With Zenskar, you can seamlessly integrate with 200+ data sources and warehouses and 35+ tools to best fit your needs.

  • Connect your CRM with Zenskar to sync your customer data, contracts, and communication emails.
  • Automatically send customer invoices, credit notes, payment status, and refund information into your ERP.
  • Add your tax computations to the invoices automatically with integrations with tools like Avalara.
  • Collect payments via Stripe, Adyen, Razorpay or offline payments methods.

Cost affordability, ROI and scale

Maxio's pricing structure is not affordable for smaller companies. With a modest customer base, the costs can climb to $20-25k too. It is not a great fit for enterprises with specific billing and accounting needs as it is not very flexible and its feature set doesn’t make it scalable. Considering the high price point, it doesn’t necessarily offer more value than its more affordably priced alternatives.

Zenskar is growth first. Pay for the platform once, not for every invoice you send or payment you collect. We don’t charge a percentage of your revenue.

Our pricing is tailored to your needs and scale; it reflects the impact we create and our operational costs. We value long-term partnerships, striving for mutual benefit. Learn more about our pricing here.

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Frequently asked questions

Looking for something specific? Write to us at We're happy to help.
What kind of results can we expect from Zenskar?

As a platform built to solve existing gaps in the billing process, we offer several key features and USPs that streamline and automate your billing. While the impact you experience depends on your problem and use case, our clients have seen a marked improvement in several key areas. See more here.

Do I get a sandbox to explore?

Zenskar offers a commitment-free pilot at zero charge. You can use the sandbox to experiment, develop and test the environment extensively and experience the platform in action.

How long does it take to implement Zenskar?

It usually takes 6-10 weeks to go live. The timeframe can vary based on the complexity of pricing models, existing state of data and other related factors. This includes migration, integration and implementation. We offer live support via email, Slack and Zoom to ensure smooth transition through the migration and implementation process.

How is data security handled on your platform?

We safeguard your sensitive information with the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity. We are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant and adhere to industry best practices to keep your data safe and secure. Learn more about our security standards and compliance here.

How is Zenskar priced?

Our pricing depends on your billing needs, complexity and scale. It takes into account variables like # of customers, # of invoices, # of usage events, collection value of billings. We share a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

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Before Zenskar, our usage tracking and invoicing were manual. Zenskar automated the process, giving real-time visibility into consumption, and enabled us to invoice automatically based on usage.
Ming Lui
VP Finance
We needed indefinite contracts for our long term offering. You only realize how restrictive billing tools can be when your requirements get specific. Fortunately, we found Zenskar to tailor fit to our billing needs and more.
Cory Linton
We never imagined that our AR process could go from fully manual to completely automated with a single platform. We're saving 200+ hours every quarter by removing the grunt work with Zenskar.
Noy Kalansky
Finance Controller
Usage based billing was turning into a nightmare for us. We had to devote engineering resources to billing for months, lacking better options. But with Zenskar, we can focus on serving our customers and expanding our product capabilities.
Shalini Aggarwal
VP Engineering
If not for Zenskar, we would have build an in-house system for our usage-based model, delayed the launch by at least 4 months and we would still be force-fitting our use case on clunky old tools.
Kshitij Gupta