Accounts Receivable

Improve cash flows with automated payment collection

Experience faster and more efficient payment collection through automated debt management. Save time, effort, and money by streamlining the entire process.

Email software + Payment management = Cash Flows like never before

Enjoy faster and improved cash flows without any hassle. Reduce DSO and speed up payments with automated payment reminders and dunning sequences.
Collect and reconcile payments in days, instead of weeks
Never miss a communication, reduce manual errors
Enjoy faster and improved cash flows without lifting a finger

Create communications that scale

Enjoy the benefits of having email software within your billing system. Create and scale your debt collection communications through branded templates.
Create templates for all your email communications.
Add relevant documents such as invoices and payment reminders as email attachments.
Configure sender settings to add and verify mail domains and sender email addresses.

Personalize your communications

Scale means nothing if you cannot customize and contextualize your messaging. Send the right message to the right audience at the right time with segmentation and scheduling.
Create customer segments based on attributes like payment status, customer aging status, geography, and more.
Prompt timely payments and avoid unexpected surprises with automated payment reminders, thresholds, overages, and failed payment alerts.
Reduce payment delays and proactively collect debts from high-risk customers through customized dunning sequences.

Configure your payment methods

Integrate with your payment gateway to support all your payment methods. Redirect your users to the payment step from the invoice itself through payment links or checkout added dynamically based on the payment methods configured.

Manage all your payments from a single dashboard

Track, monitor and manage all things payments through a single dashboard - payment status, partial payments, refunds, reversals, etc., mapped by customers and invoices.

Get reliable reports in real-time

Stay informed and ahead of your finances with reports, cash projections, and forecasts. Monitor cash flows, invoices, aging reports, DSO, etc., in a single dashboard.

Trusted by industry experts

Fast-growing companies choose Zenskar for smooth, flexible and reliable billing to power their growth.
Zenskar truly exceeded our expectations with the receivables process. Not only did it significantly cut down the grunt work for the finance department, we also saw an uptick in our monthly cash flows.
Anubhav Srivastava
Manual follow-ups were often missed, leading to delayed payments. Thanks to Zenskar, we no longer have to do this manually. After automating our receivables with Zenskar, our DSO reduced by 5 days.
Cory Linton
Zenskar's customization ensures that our communication with clients is always personalized and effective. We can now automate repetitive tasks and focus on more important aspects of our business.
Noy Kalansky
Finance Controller