Revenue Recognition

Automate revenue recognition for SaaS and usage. No Spreadsheets!

Move your revenue recognition workflow off of Excel. Configure custom revenue recognition rules, generate audit-ready financial reports, and automate revenue accounting end-to-end.
Breeze through audits
Ditch manual calculations and sail through audits with automated journal entries in real time. Ensure accurate revenue reporting with clear audit trails.
Close books faster
Automate double-entry accrual accounting and speed up your month-end close. No more manual journal entries or reconciliations holding you back.
Stay compliant, always
Automate revenue recognition following the ASC 606/IFRS 15 5-step model and generate compliant audit-ready revenue reports without human error.

Automate revenue accounting

Zenskar automates the revenue side of accounting so you can free up resources and drive financial insights and decision-making.
Automatically create balanced journal entries for accrued & deferred revenue, accounts receivable, payment gateway expenses, etc. based on contract terms and milestones
View and export audit-ready accounting reports, including debit and credit journal entries, balance sheets, and P&L statements, with few clicks.
Maintain Zenskar as a single source of truth for your revenue data, and sync balanced journal entries to your ERP/general ledger in real time for error-free accounting.

Configure rules for your business

Subscription, minimum guarantee, volume pricing, or usage grants (prepaid and postpaid) – create flexible revenue recognition rules for any scenario.
Accurately recognize revenue using straight-line, exact days, fixed periods, milestones, usage-based, or end-of-term methods.
Automatically break down contracts into performance obligations and recognize revenue as obligations are satisfied over time.
Manually create performance obligations on demand outside of contract terms to cater to specific business needs.
Automate revenue schedules for revenue entries, deferred revenue entries, and unbilled revenue entries based on contract terms.
Recalculate revenue (future and past) seamlessly when terms change via amendments or adjustments, and ensure accurate revenue recognition and financial reporting.

Handle ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliance

Get a clear view of your revenue and financial performance.
Create financial reports, including balance sheets, P&L statements, and revenue reports, adhering to ASC 606/IFRS 15 five-step model.
Maintain separate ledgers for each legal entity/jurisdiction. Ensure transactions are recorded in local currency and per local regulations.
Adjust reporting period, and apply advanced filters to customize financial reports, – focus on data that matters most to you.
Dig deep into revenue, accounts receivable, payments, and journal entries at the customer and contract level to make better business decisions.

Free finance teams from manual grunt work

Allow the finance team to build and modify accounting rules, revenue recognition logic, and reports without relying on engineers.
Provide visibility into revenue data to key stakeholders, including product teams, C-suite, investors, and board members.
Link financial data to customers, products, and other business entities to support data-driven decisions on pricing, product features, target markets, etc.
Maintain full audit trails of all accounting entries. Review and correct past entries without impacting locked periods or altering historical reports.

Keep all stakeholders updated with relevant business metrics

Zenskar provides real-time actionable reporting on key revenue metrics for monthly flash reports, quarterly board packages, and senior management
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