Billing Analytics and SaaS Metrics

Get all your metrics, analytics, and insights in a single view

All the reports and insights you never knew you needed in a single place. Real-time analytics to stay informed about your growth and actionable insights to make data-driven decisions. 

All the insights for all your stakeholders. Without a single spreadsheet.

Arm the C-suite with business insights
Empower your executives to identify growth opportunities, drive strategic decisions, manage financial performance, and ensure the overall success of the SaaS company.
Instill investor confidence and trust
Show reliability, transparency, and accountability in your finances. Keep your investors happy with your financial performance, growth potential, and operational efficiency.
Stay audit-ready and compliant
Automate and streamline financial reporting for an accurate and smooth audit process. Stay compliant with financial regulations and reporting standards without manual efforts.

Get the right information at the right time, every time

Make Zenskar the central source of truth for all your metrics. Drive data-driven decision-making with real-time access to business and financial insights. Monitor revenue, expenses, profitability, and cash flows in a single dashboard.

Customize analytics for your specific business goals

Tailor, modify, and create reports and dashboards that are as unique as your business with a simple report builder. Whether you are a seasoned finance expert, data analyst or new to reporting, our analytics dashboard is easier than navigating a spreadsheet.

Drive your business growth

Get critical insights for customer acquisition, retention, and expansion to shape the company’s growth. Stay in tune with the pulse of your business with reports of your customer base, pricing plan performance, billings and revenue.
Revenue, user base growth
Usage patterns and trends
Churn metrics
Revenue forecasting

Automate your financial reporting

Streamline your financial reporting to never need spreadsheets. No more manual data collection, consolidation and validation.
Tailor your reporting automation with the highest standards of accuracy to stay GAAP compliant.
Maintain comprehensive and well-organized financial data for a smooth audit process.

Keep all stakeholders updated with relevant business metrics

Zenskar provides real-time actionable reporting on key revenue metrics for monthly flash reports, quarterly board packages, and senior management
Faster Development
Save in Implementing

Harness the true power of analytics

Actionable insights
Comprehensive reports for data-driven decisions and growth.
Visualize metrics
Pre-built charts, and customizable dashboards for key insights.
Tailored analytics
User-friendly dashboard customization for informed decision-making.

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