Entitlement Management

Manage entitlements and feature access easily – no dev needed!

Zenskar automates feature provisioning through entitlements, so you can launch and test subscription, usage-based, or hybrid pricing models – without engineering overhead.

Entitlements, decoupled from billing = unlimited flexibility

Implement pricing changes in a fraction of the time. Introduce new features and enforce usage limits without overhauling the entire codebase.
Let engineers build, not bill
Free up engineers from pricing and allow them to focus on what they do best: building and improving the product. Let Zenskar entitlements handle pricing and feature access complexities.
Iterate pricing and speed up time-to-market
Experiment with different pricing & packaging. Introduce features or tweak existing ones without dev involvement. Iterate as much as you need and adapt to market changes faster.
Upsell without breaking your code
Override entitlements selectively to close enterprise deals or provide limited-time feature access to give a taste of expanded capabilities customers could unlock – independent of contract terms.

Explore new pricing opportunities

Leave no revenue stream untapped. Map usage limits to features, create and validate different plans without involving engineers or changing the codebase. 
Mix and match fixed rate and usage-based pricing (prepaid/postpaid), map them to features, and create hybrid plans – all with a simple point-and-click editor.
Test pricing and package changes in a sandbox before launching them to customers.

Set dynamic feature access, code-free

Manage feature limits across plans with soft and hard limits on usage thresholds – no engineers needed.
Set hard limits on API calls, storage, seats, and credits. Block access after usage cap is reached to prevent billing overages.
Send alerts as usage approaches thresholds. Nudge users to buy credits or upgrade plans to maintain access.
Enable/disable usage access to specific feature sets or configure access to premium services like unlimited data retention, or 24*7 customer support at subscription level.

Make plan transitions and grandfathering simple

Easily move customers from legacy plans to new plans without disrupting their access to critical features.
Set schedules to gradually migrate customer segments to new plans. Prevent sudden loss of feature access, and maintain positive customer experience.
Allow legacy customers to stay on existing plans and move newer customers to new plans easily.
Make plans immutable with Zenskar, preventing accidental changes in entitlements. Protect customers from unexpected cost hikes.

Manage entitlements and access rights in one place

Avoid checking entitlements scattered throughout the codebase. Maintain a system of records for all features and access rights in one place. 
View and update active entitlements on the go or sunset entitlements with one click.