Usage Metering and Monitoring

Handle usage data like a pro. No technical skills necessary

Usage data is a treasure trove of insights for business and revenue growth. We help any team navigate and leverage it without a single line of code.

Email software + Payment management = Cash Flows like never before

Enjoy faster and improved cash flows without the hassle of tracking payment status, or following up with your clients.
Bill within hours instead of weeks by automating everything
Never miss a communication, reduce manual errors
Enjoy faster and improved cash flows without lifting a finger

Send data from anywhere

Create a reliable data pipeline based on your preferred method.
Connect with your existing data sources without code.
Send usage data from your product or internal systems via an API connection.
Upload a good ol’ csv without any hassle.

Transform usage data into billing inputs - with or without code

Transform your raw data into usable inputs for billing by building usage aggregates. Analyze, summarize, and interpret large volumes of usage data with aggregates.
No code usage aggregation for non-technical users - gives you the power of a developer but is easier than a pivot table.
SQL query builder for tech-savvy users to create data aggregates with code snippets.

Experiment with pricing based on usage data

Leverage usage data to iterate and experiment with your pricing. Create usage-based pricing models or add usage-related pricing components to your subscriptions.

Monitor usage data and trends

Monitor usage aggregates to understand client consumption patterns, and analyze user behavior and preferences. Measure contract line items and add-ons like free units and entitlements. Set usage alerts to stay on top of the usage trends.

Send usage reports to your clients

Provide granular data such as product usage, free units consumed/remaining, invoice totals, product totals, etc.
Create and schedule regular usage reports as email updates.
Share historic and real-time usage trends with your clients via the customer portal.

Frequently asked questions

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How Zenskar handles Usage-Based Pricing?
Zenskar's enables businesses to implement usage-based pricing without the need for development resources. With Zenskar, you can set up billing and payments for usage-based pricing quickly and easily, allowing you to go to market faster. The model also helps drive new customer conversion to paid subscriptions by offering the flexibility to mix and match different promotional strategies.
How does Zenskar help businesses make data-driven pricing decisions?
Zenskar empowers businesses to make fast and accurate data-driven pricing decisions for usage-based pricing models. By utilizing Zenskar's tools, you can analyze trends in gross margin, contribution margin, and revenue. The system allows you to know your usage-based cost and margins, providing valuable insights to iterate and optimize your pricing strategy.
Does Zenskar require technical expertise for metering and data handling?
Zenskar eliminates the need for technical expertise when it comes to metering and data handling. The platform takes care of SQL queries and provides an intuitive web app interface, making it non-technical user-friendly. You can effortlessly feed data for the billing process without worrying about engineering bandwidth, enabling streamlined contract management.
What are the rate limits when using Zenskar for usage based pricing?
Usage data is a core feature of Zenskar, not an afterthought. We've built the capability keeping in mind the complex use cases of metered billing. Our rate limits can go upto about 1000 operations per second depending on the pricing plan. To put this is perspective, Stripe allows upto 100 read and write operations per second in live mode. In addition to this, we offer 1 Million free events every billing cycle to send usage events.