Usage-Based Pricing

Usage-based pricing without limitations

Implement usage-based pricing without compromising on billing capabilities or depending on engineering bandwidth. Zenskar’s metered billing can be set up by any team or department.

Simplify usage-based pricing with Zenskar

Get complete control of your usage data
Send data the way you want, create aggregates within the platform, monitor usage and setup alerts.
Say goodbye to engineering dependency
Zenskar is simple and intuitive, built for non-tech users. No coding skills required, no learning curve needed.
Keep your usage data safe and secure
Data security and regulation with robust encryption protocols, access control, and authentication.

Configure usage-based pricing seamlessly

Plug in your usage data through a simple CSV upload, integrating data sources without coding or using API connection.
Create usage aggregates from raw data through a drag-and-drop visual aggregator or an SQL query.
Tie usage data into contracts easily with Zenskar's contract builder.

Make the most out of your usage data

Capture usage trends and patterns, and make informed decisions based on your user behavior.
Set up alerts and reports for usage trends, peak usage periods, or seasonal variations to allocate resources and improve experience.
Keep your customers in the loop with periodic usage updates through email or real-time access to historical data with the customer portal.

Improve your cash flow and increase revenue

Experiment with billing for better outcomes. Change your pricing model or contract terms at any time without engineering intervention.
Create prepaid contracts with metered billing and improve your cash flow.
Iterate your product value and increase your revenue through pricing experimentation.