Zenskar for Product Teams

Unlock product growth and revenue potential

Maximize your product adoption and profitability, minimize churn, and improve customer satisfaction. No engineers or manual overheads needed.

Capture the pulse of your product with usage data

Leverage usage data and insights to evaluate your product's success and improve adoption. Set up usage reports to:
Identify your growth levers and understand what drives value to customers.
Evaluate feature adoption and identify new product opportunities.
Create better pricing strategies based on billing intermediates usage aggregates.

Experiment and evolve your product pricing without any code

Product goals evolve from market capture to profitability across the product life cycle. Iterate and evolve your pricing plans without writing custom code and worrying about metering.
Create pricing plans with subscriptions or usage-based components or a mix of both.
Configure features such as free trials, promotions, discounts, bundle deals, credits and entitlements.
Test and tweak pricing models without custom code to maximize revenue growth.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

Keep up customer satisfaction with a smooth customer experience and transparent billing. Do it efficiently and without human dependency through billing automation.
Schedule usage reports to provide transparency and foster trust.
Give your customers control and flexibility with an intuitive customer portal.

Anticipate and mitigate churn proactively

Monitor early indicators of churn to take affirmative action.
Improve customer satisfaction and create strategies to reduce and manage churn.
Predict revenue impact due to unavoidable churn to plan and mitigate negative impact.