Billing Software Simplified

Automate billing & revenue operations for retail-tech companies

Create complex pricing models, collect and reconcile payments, and automate revenue recognition - without engineering overhead. 

Every team wins with Zenskar

For C-suite

Stop flying blind on metrics that matter. Zenskar gives you a real-time pulse on KPIs like ARR, LTV, churn, and more. Make data-backed decisions to accelerate growth.

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For Finance

Leave manual grunt work behind. Zenskar automates invoicing, payment reconciliation, revenue recognition, and reporting, so you can pass audits and close books faster.

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For Product

Experiment with any pricing models, like flat fees, tiered, or hybrid plans, and bundle feature combinations without dev dependencies. No more "pricing tax" on innovation.

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Configure complex pricing models in minutes

One-time, recurring, usage-based, or tiered – configure any pricing plan with custom billing periods, discounts, and taxes. 
Empower sales teams to create tailored offers and close deals faster – without engineering overhead.
Never lose another customer to a bad subscription experience. Automate contextual emails and enable plan upgrades/changes through a self-serve customer portal. 

Manage entitlements and automate feature provisioning

Map features to plans in minutes with a point-and-click editor. Rapidly test pricing and product bundle combinations to find your pricing sweet spot.
Grant and revoke feature access, or provide limited-time premium access to upsell – without engineering overhead.

Automate collection and improve cash flow

Generate branded invoices with pre-made templates. Automate invoice delivery through email and reconcile seamlessly, without spending hours on admin tasks.
Reduce DSO with automated payment reminders and advanced cash forecasting. Easily configure dunning campaigns tailored for at-risk customers and recover payments.
Accept payments from customers around the world in their local currency. Connect with multiple payment gateways, and grow your business globally.

Get visibility into critical business metrics in real time

Analyze subscriber data, churn rates, plan performance, billings, and revenue – all in one place.
Correlate plans and usage patterns with revenue streams to understand product adaptability. Feed that into product roadmaps. to create better product experience.
Build custom reports and dashboards without spreadsheets. Share insights across teams to maintain alignment.

Ditch the spreadsheet and automate revenue recognition

View booked, billed, and recognized revenue across products, locations, and currencies – all in one place.
Create journal entries for revenue, deferred revenue, and accounts receivable based on contract terms and milestones.
Create audit reports with pre-built templates based on ASC 606/IFRS 15 standards and pass audits with flying colors.

Trusted by industry experts

Fast-growing companies choose Zenskar for smooth, flexible and reliable billing to power their growth.
Zenskar truly exceeded our expectations with the receivables process. Not only did it significantly cut down the grunt work for the finance department, we also saw an uptick in our monthly cash flows.
Anubhav Srivastava
Manual follow-ups were often missed, leading to delayed payments. Thanks to Zenskar, we no longer have to do this manually. After automating our receivables with Zenskar, our DSO reduced by 5 days.
Cory Linton
Zenskar's customization ensures that our communication with clients is always personalized and effective. We can now automate repetitive tasks and focus on more important aspects of our business.
Noy Kalansky
Finance Controller

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Frequently asked questions

Got more questions? Write to us at

We are always happy to answer any questions :)
Building a billing solution in-house or buying - which is better?
In-house billing solutions offer full customization but can demand significant engineering resources. On the other hand, partnering with a new-age billing solution like Zenskar allows for quicker implementations, faster time to market, and scalability. 

We also operate as an extension of your existing team, so you don’t need to worry about billing ever again. 
How do I shift from a legacy billing system to Zenskar?
We offer a commitment-free pilot at zero charge. You can run the Sandbox in parallel with your existing legacy billing system and test the environment extensively.

Once aligned, the implementation usually takes 6-10 weeks to complete. It depends on the complexity of your pricing models, existing processes, and other factors. 

We also offer live support via Slack, email, and Zoom, throughout the implementation. Once all your billing workflows, integrations, and data are moved to Zenskar, legacy systems are retired.
What are the rate limits when using Zenskar for usage based pricing?
Usage data is a core feature of Zenskar, not an afterthought. We've built the capability keeping in mind the complex use cases of metered billing. Our rate limits can go upto about 1000 operations per second depending on the pricing plan. To put this is perspective, Stripe allows upto 100 read and write operations per second in live mode. In addition to this, we offer 1 Million free events every billing cycle to send usage events.