Billing Software Simplified

Focus on financial strategy, not operational chaos

Your business relies on you to drive and enable financial growth. Run your billing operations on autopilot. Say goodbye to inefficiency and endless operational fires.

Billing automation to the rescue - Reduce manual efforts and billing costs

Reduce overheads
Minimize grunt work and reduce the manual hours spent on billing. Automate your entire billing process with Zenskar.
Reduce costly mistakes
Make your billing process error-free. No more revenue loss. Retain your customers’ trust and deliver a spotless experience.
Reduce billing costs
Pay for the platform, not by feature. Get more in less - enterprise scale solution to future proof your billing.

Say no to manual billing practices

From configuring contracts with complex pricing to invoice generation and collections, Zenskar gives complete flexibility to customize your billing needs and automates it so you don’t have to lift a finger.
Support any pricing model - subscriptions, metered billing or hybrid models with ease.
Manage intricate contract terms such as free credits, and overages automatically.
Generate error-free invoices dynamically at the end of each billing cycle.

Collect your payments faster and improve cash flows

Make your payment collection a breeze with automated communication and dunning. No copy pasting emails or manually adding attachments.
Tailor your communications to different customers by segmenting based on their attributes and behavior.
Send all your emails automatically based on communication schedules that can be customized by segment.

Recognize revenue automatically, tailor rules per your business needs

Revenue information scattered over spreadsheets? Make Zenskar the single source of truth for your revenue. Automate the creation of journal entries on Zenskar or on your ERP. Pick from the default rules or get full control of your revenue process with custom rules.

Empower your leadership with critical data without delays

Strategic decisions can’t wait for billing cycles or data processing. Arm your C-suite and investors with the key financial growth and SaaS metrics whenever needed. No delays. No collating reports on demand.
Revenue, user base growth
Usage patterns and trends
Churn metrics
Aging reports