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Zenskar is a flexible solution built specifically for companies with complex pricing and custom billing needs.
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Billing is broken. We’re on a mission to fix it

Is your existing billing set up a let down? You’re not alone. Our founders experienced the pains of billing first hand before directing their expertise to solving the problem themselves. We spoke to 500+ professionals to truly understand and build a billing system that can do it all.
Legacy Billing Tools
New Metered Billing Tools
Flexibility in pricing
Usage based pricing
Hybrid pricing
Reliable metering
Developer friendly API
Intuitive for non-tech users
Usage analytics
Receivables, Revenue and Analytics
Automated dunning
Customizable revenue recognition
Ease of set up

Missing features draining your budget?

An ill-fitted billing solution comes with a heavy price. Companies are left to compensate for systemic deficiencies with costly resources, and unsustainable, unscalable practices. Sound familiar?

In-house billing system

Building a billing tool is time consuming, delays product development and needs finance expertise. It is also rigid, requires maintenance and ongoing support.

Endless grunt work

Finance teams are forced to spend countless hours manually handling billing intricacies over spreadsheets often causing billing delays, invoicing errors and poor cash flows.

Developer dependence

Bridging billing deficiencies through tech support is costly and unscalable. The dependence on engineering makes billing rigid and leads to additional costs and cascading delays.

How Zenskar changes your billing game

Zenskar is built with the vision to make billing easy and accessible to all. The platform provides complete flexibility, advances automation capabilities, and compatibility with your entire tech stack.

Unlimited flexibility to model your pricing and billing

Zenskar’s proprietary graphical data model can handle any pricing plans and contract terms to give you unparalleled flexibility. Create subscriptions, usage based pricing or hybrid models without any constraints.
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“If we hadn't found Zenskar, building an in-house system for our complex usage-based model would have delayed the launch by at least 4 months and we would still be force-fitting our use case on clunky old tools.”

Kshitij Gupta
CEO, 100ms

Simplified usage metering and monitoring

Send usage data from 200+ sources through direct integrations without writing code, push data via developer friendly APIs, upload CSVs or simply add data manually. Create usage aggregates with or without code. Set alerts to monitor usage and gain insights about your customers.
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“Usage data was beginning to turn into a nightmare. Finance teams being non-technical endless requests for reports eating into our time. Moving to Zenskar made it a piece of cake.”

Shalini Aggarwal,
VP Engineer, Squadstack

Receivables management on autopilot

From sending invoices to payment reminders and receipts, automate everything to improve your cash flows. Create email templates for all your customer emails. Personalize the experience by configuring custom schedules for different customer segments.
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“We never imagined that our AR process could go from fully manual to entirely automated with a single platform. We're saving hours of grunt work with Zenskar."

Noy Kalansky,
Finance Controller, Pontera

Automate revenue recognition and streamline compliance

Zenskar automatically creates journal entries from receivables, cash payouts from payment gateways and can sync them with your ERP. It also supports custom revenue recognition rules to tailor fit for your business. Stay compliant with accounting regulations like ASC 606/IFRS 15.
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“Our revenue information was scattered, leading to errors and compliance issues. Zenskar automated our revenue recognition and became our single source of truth for the revenue and payment side of journal entries and helped us stay compliant with ASC 606.”

Cory Linton,
CEO, Edify

Seamless integration with your tech stack

Access 100+ integrations across CRM, ERP, payment gateways, and more to automate billing
without disrupting your setup.
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SOC 2 and GDPR compliant: Secure your billing

We ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity for your sensitive information

Explore our sandbox at zero cost

See Zenskar's magic in action before you spend a single dollar. Try the sandbox commitment-free for 4-8 weeks.

Customize Zenskar to fit your needs

Customize the platform as you need, or reach the team for specific requests.

Reliable support when and where you need

Get prompt support 24 x 7 over email, Slack or Zoom with dedicated account managers.

Extension of your
in-house team

Work with a team as invested in your success. We’re with you at every step.

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Every team wins with Zenskar

Zenskar is user-centric, built to support any end-user from any department - from finance to revenue operations to product to engineering.


Reclaim billing - no coding or technical expertise needed. Automate billing and say goodbye to mindless grunt work.

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Empowers non-tech teams to manage billing systems, allowing you to focus on your core products.

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Maximize your top-line growth, boost your revenue, and propel your team's efficiency through efficient automation and scale.

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Built by founders with experience in billing

Apurv Bansal,

Cofounder, CEO & CFO

Second-time entrepreneur. IIT Delhi, Harvard Business School alumni. Co-founder at Wishpicker (acquired by Snapdeal), Product at Google, FinTech at Elevation.

Saurabh Agarwal,

Co-founder & CPTO

Second-time entrepreneur. IIT Bombay alumni. Co-founder at BC Jukebox (acquired by Gaana), Product at Basepair, Quant at Deutsche Bank.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find what you are looking for? Write to us at contact@zenskar.com
What kind of results can we expect from Zenskar?

As a platform built to solve existing gaps in the billing process, we offer several key features and USPs that streamline and automate your billing. While the impact you experience depends on your problem and use case, our clients have seen a marked improvement in several key areas. See more here.

Do I get a sandbox to explore?

Zenskar offers a commitment-free pilot at zero charge. You can use the sandbox to experiment, develop and test the environment extensively and experience the platform in action.

How long does it take to implement Zenskar?

It usually takes 6-10 weeks to go live. The timeframe can vary based on the complexity of pricing models, existing state of data and other related factors. This includes migration, integration and implementation. We offer live support via email, Slack and Zoom to ensure smooth transition through the migration and implementation process.

How is data security handled on your platform?

We safeguard your sensitive information with the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity. We are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant and adhere to industry best practices to keep your data safe and secure. Learn more about our security standards and compliance here.

How is Zenskar priced?

Our pricing depends on your billing needs, complexity and scale. It takes into account variables like # of customers, # of invoices, # of usage events, collection value of billings. We share a customized quote based on your specific requirements.