Contract Builder

Widest range of complex pricing strategies and contract structures

Literally, anything your sales team can put into words!

Customize the best pricing scheme without any constraints

Prevent lost revenue by pricing more flexibly.
Create any complex contract as a reusable template using a drag and drop builder.
Offer customer-specific pricing without worrying about contract management.

Keep all stakeholders updated with relevant business metrics

Zenskar provides real-time actionable reporting on key revenue metrics for monthly flash reports, quarterly board packages, and senior management
Faster Development
Save in Implementing

Transform your product, sales, and billing operations with Zenskar's no-code contract builder!

Maximize Win Rates and Revenue
Limitless Pricing Possibilities for Higher Success
Engineering Resource Liberation
Focusing on Core Product Advancements by Freeing Up Billing Tasks
Efficient Contract Management
Streamlined Processes with No More Scattered PDFs

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