Billing Software Simplified

The most flexible billing system ever

Customize and tailor every aspect of your billing - from contracts to invoices to payment collection. Processes and workflows to fit your business needs.

Experience billing without limits

Extremely scalable and flexible features
From pricing models to email templates, everything on Zenskar is built to be flexible, customizable, reusable, and scalable. Efficiency without compromise.
Metering decoupled from billing and metering
Measure your product usage and bill based on your pricing model without any interdependence. Leverage usage insights to experiment and iterate your pricing.
Easy and intuitive to non-tech users
Billing is complex. Billing tools shouldn’t be. Zenskar is intuitive and easy for finance and accounting teams to use without depending on engineering support.

Configure complex pricing model with flexible contracts

Create any pricing model you can imagine. Build contracts from existing templates. Or configure complex pricing models as a combination of pricing structures with a simple drag-and-drop contract builder.

Weave usage data into contracts and alerts

Accurate usage data to support accurate billing.
Measure and process any usage data with reliability and ease.
Create usage aggregates with or without code.
Monitor usage and schedule usage alerts for your customers.

Automate invoice generation and payment communications

Generate invoices dynamically based on pre-made templates. Automate invoice emails, payment reminders, and receipts via email templates. Create customized communication schedules based on user segments.

Iterate and experiment with different pricing models

Switch between pricing models to experiment and iterate your product value, and maximize revenue. All without needing engineers.

Built for ease

Automate everything
Save time and manual efforts by automating your entire billing process. Increase your team’s efficiency and reduce billing errors.
Never need an engineer
Own your billing process. Set up, iterate, and maintain your billing systems effortlessly, without roping in a developer.
Connect with existing setup
Switch with ease, change nothing else. Zenskar integrates and connects seamlessly with your existing tech stack.

Keep all stakeholders updated with relevant business metrics

Zenskar provides real-time actionable reporting on key revenue metrics for monthly flash reports, quarterly board packages, and senior management
Faster Development
Save in Implementing