Evolution of the Finance Function in SaaS

Evolution of the Finance Function in SaaS

A lot has transpired in the world of finance. Madhu Jagannathan, CFO at Lob discusses the finance team’s innovative mindset and fearless exploration of technology in the last decade.
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Unpacking a Decade-Long Evolution of the Finance Function

The ‘guardians of enterprise value creation’, finance teams have experienced a massive transformation in the last ten years. One that has sparked debates about innovation and adaptation.

In this webinar, we get to the bottom of this undeniably impressive evolution to understand why businesses are relying heavily on the finance function to help them ride out unprecedented challenges.

We’re throwing it back to a time when spreadsheets and Salesforce reigned supreme and the finance team was acting more as custodians than advisors. With many finance teams still pushing through with spreadsheets and a pipework of frustrating bottlenecks; ​​we reveal critical insights to set you on the path to success.

The short answer? It’s all about flexibility…

Find out how you can

  • Go beyond the traditional ‘preservation’ role of Finance
  • Move away from process-heavy, siloed approaches
  • Break free from webs of spreadsheets before they snap, toward a future-proof tech stack
  • Manage revenue recognition as contracts get more complex

Finance in 2030: Toward the end of the webinar (channelling our inner Tony Stark), — we discuss the finance operating model ten years down the line.


Madhu Jagannathan, CFO at LOB

  • Two decades of experience in the world of finance and startups
  • Formerly worked with EY, Wipro, Microsoft, and Dropbox

Hosted by

Apurv Bansal, Cofounder and CEO of Zenskar.

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