Key Financial Metrics and Strategies for Finance Leaders

Key Financial Metrics and Strategies for Finance Leaders

Enabled by new processes and digital technologies — finance teams are preparing for the demands of tomorrow. Caitlin Haberberger joined us to discuss how to build a more strategic finance function.
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Critical Metrics to Help Finance Teams Advance as Strategic Partners

Are the metrics that you are currently tracking truly reflective of your overall business performance?

If you’re looking to get your finance transformation off the ground—it’s time to use data and analytics more effectively. Improving access to data will enable finance teams to speed up time-to-insight and empower the business to become more responsive in the face of uncertainty.

In this webinar, we take on the much-talked-about topic of the key metrics that finance teams need to be tracking.

We have Caitlin Haberberger, CFO at Mezmo, sharing first-hand information on how finance teams are already tapping into the immense benefits of tracking the right metrics.

Caitlin discusses strategies for finance leaders at all levels, to architect change for 360° value. That’s not all — you will also come across some rich insights on effective communication, building trust, and influencing business decisions. 

In short, we cover:

  • How do you leverage financial metrics at different stages of your business lifecycle — from pre-product-market fit to publicly traded companies?
  • How can businesses harness the strength of collaboration to guarantee data accuracy and consistency across teams?
  • When is the right time to invest in a specialized tool to streamline workflows and free up valuable resources?
  • What skills are essential for translating financial data into clear, actionable insights for CEOs, boards, and other teams?
  • How do business maturity and scalability impact your decision to adopt new technology for data management?
  • Success Paradigm for CFOs in 2024 and Beyond: As CFOs face an extraordinary number of decisions to make on compressed timelines, we also talk about how they can accelerate strategic decision-making, unlock greater shareholder value, and drive sweeping enterprise reinvention.


 Caitlin Haberberger, CFO at Mezmo

  • Two decades of experience in leading finance functions at renowned tech companies
  • Previously worked with Amplitude, Turnitin, Flite, and Clever Inc.

Hosted by:

Apurv Bansal, Founder of Zenskar.

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