IPO Preparation and Key Things SaaS Companies Need to Think About

IPO Preparation and Key Things SaaS Companies Need to Think About

When to IPO? With more SaaS companies gearing up to go public after a two-year economic slowdown, CFO Ray Ratan shares what stumbling blocks to avoid and strategies to follow during the IPO timeline.
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When to IPO?

You need more than just “right timing” for a successful IPO.

The run-up to an IP, to put it mildly, can be demanding. Besides starting early, what else can SaaS companies do? 

From IPO readiness to the iconic bell-ringing ceremony and beyond, we discuss how SaaS companies can set themselves up for the long haul.

CFO Ray Ratan joined us for this webinar to share the critical elements that SaaS companies need to have in place when preparing for an IPO.

Ray shared three non-negotiable IPO fundamentals for a SaaS company; he pointed out that:

“Every SaaS founder that's starting off a company, whether it's initial inception to being mid-stage, really is marching toward three fundamental things: quality financial performance, good levels of liquidity, and corporate governance.”

In addition to giving a breakdown of the rigorous steps involved in IPO preparation, Ray also talks about:

  • The need to showcase strong financial growth with metrics like ARR, revenue growth, and gross margins
  • The significance of ‘market timing
  • Meeting investor expectations

We also cover what you can expect once you go public and how to stay in step with ongoing regulatory compliance.


Ray Ratan, Investor/Advisor to multiple companies

  • A seasoned CFO with over two decades of experience
  • Previously worked with Hour Loop, Inc., and Commerce Global Holdings

Hosted by:

Saurabh Agrawal, Cofounder and CPTO of Zenskar

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