Maximizing Revenue Potential with Modern Pricing Strategies

Maximizing Revenue Potential with Modern Pricing Strategies

Learn all about the pricing secrets of Algolia, Hubspot, and Twilio. Madeline Stein, with 18+ years of UBP expertise, joined us to share secrets to maximizing revenue and customer value through UBP.
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When is transitioning to UBP truly the right move for a company? 

In this webinar, we were joined by Madeline Stein, Director of Pricing and Monetization Strategy at Algolia, to discuss implementing usage-based pricing models for revenue maximization.

In the current software industry, it's increasingly common for companies to adopt Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) instead of charging per user. 

But when does moving to a UBP model make sense for your company?

Which industry verticals or business models shine brightest with this approach?

From understanding customer value to implementing usage-based pricing, Madeline shared real-world examples and experience-backed insights to optimize revenue streams and drive business growth with effective pricing strategies.

What was covered

  • Pricing, packaging, and monetization strategies
  • Balancing company goals and customer value perception in pricing strategies
  • Metrics to track pricing strategy success
  • The nuances of UBP and its implementation
  • Challenges and best practices in transitioning to UBP
  • + Running pricing experiments and pricing considerations for bundling multiple products

Madeline also clarifies some of the most common questions raised around revenue recognition and its profound implications for modern business paradigms. 


Madeline Stein, Director of Pricing and Monetization Strategy at Algolia

  • Two decades of experience in leading pricing transformations 
  • Formerly worked with HubSpot, Twilio, and SendGrid

Hosted by:

Saurabh Agrawal, Cofounder and CPTO of Zenskar.

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