SaaS Metrics that Matter

SaaS Metrics that Matter

CFOs Noah Rabbani and Michell Guzelgul share insights on how you can apply SaaS metrics to influence real-world decisions, from budget allocations to marketing strategies.
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Driving Growth with Data: Key SaaS Metrics That You Need to Be Tracking

In our recent webinar, we had the privilege of hosting Noah Rabbani, Director of Finance and Operations at Involve AI, and Michell Guzelgul, CFO at Empeon, for an insightful discussion on the strategic and operational aspects of SaaS metrics driving business success.

From minimizing revenue leakage to enhancing revenue recovery through accurate metrics, our conversation delves into experiences with metrics across different company growth stages.

We also discuss the evolution of metrics from survival-focused indicators such as cash burn and customer acquisition costs to long-term profitability and efficiency drivers.

Get actionable insights on

  • The rapidly changing roles of CFOs in tech
  • Essential metrics for early-stage vs. mature companies
  • Optimization strategies for improving operational activities and metrics
  • Real-world challenges and solutions to implementing effective metrics

Our session concludes with practical insights on balancing cost management with growth initiatives and leveraging strategic metric analysis for substantial improvements in business operations. 

Every SaaS business is different, but understanding which metrics to prioritize at different stages of business growth is crucial for strategic decision-making. If you're curious about using advanced data queries, automating reports, and leveraging strategic metrics to guide business decisions, then this webinar is for you. Gain actionable insights on optimizing customer acquisition costs and adjusting pricing models based on industry benchmarks.


Noah Rabbani, Director of Finance and Operations at Involve AI

  • Former Senior Finance Manager - FP&A at Mapp Digital

Michell Guzelgul, CFO at Empeon 

  • Previously worked as a Financial Controller at LBU Inc. and Tactical Logistic Solutions

Saurabh Agrawal, Cofounder and CPTO at Zenskar.

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